french doors


  • High performance sill has double hollow ends that are connected to the jambs by automotive grade gaskets. Before gaskets are applied, sill ends are filled with silicone so that sill & jamb ends become water-tight.
  • Top & bottom rails have internal draw rods and steel plate reinforced corner keys. High tempered steel rods minimize the probability of a sagging leaf. High tempered nuts & grade 8 bolts are used. Bottom rail has double draw rods. Thus probability of sagging is minimized and oversized doors are available.
  • Heritage® teamed up with Martinelli of Italy and Halco of Austria for a variety of solid brass and wrought iron handles at very affordable costs.


  • Self-closing weep holes stop water, air, dust, and bugs from penetrating the home.
  • Hinges are 100% concealed, non-visible from interior, no-maintenance, same color as the door and operate silently.

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