bi-folding doors


  • Head rollers and sill guide roll at the center of panels in line. (Not an offset rolling hinge system).  The weight distribution is balanced.
  • Perimeter frame depth is minimized to 2.087”
  • Head and jambs are single hollow and the sill is double hollow
  • Head is carried by a heavy compensation channel.
    • The compensation channel is fastened to the beam
    • The head is fastened to the compensation channel by a high strength steel bolt, washer, spring and nut.
    • In the case of sagging of the beam, it is possible to raise up the head at the center area by up to 3/8”
  • Before the gaskets, both sill ends are silicone filled so that they are water tight.
  • Sill has back wall against water penetration.


  • Heavy walled hollow stiles and rails are mitered with heavy corner keys
  • High performance against air, sound and water penetration
  • Double seals; swing out panels have seal carriers at the top and bottom rails.


  • Fusion forged


  • Adjustable to be moved vertically so that panels can be adjusted if there is a shift in the opening


  • Stile seals are EPDM (rubber)


  • Open Position; Stacked panels in the open position are held together by spring loaded magnets.
  • Standard is SO (swing out).
    • Back wall of the sill is interior.
  • Maximum panel weight will be 220lbs
  • Maximum panel size will be 46” x 120”


  • Strong and solid key cylinder lock.