Phoenix Multi Sliding Patio Door

The presentation of your patio says a lot about your home and about you as a homeowner. If you want your patio entrance to look inviting, unique, and appealing, you should consider purchasing a Phoenix multi sliding patio door. Not only is this type of door absolutely beautiful and unique, but it also makes it very easy to move large pieces of furniture onto your patio during the warmer months, because it is designed to open up widely. Here are a few things you should know about multi sliding patio doors.

  1. Water-Tight Features
    Multi sliding glass doors are filled in both ends with silicone, so the sill is water-tight and will not allow water to seep into your home. Any water that gets into the sill is directed and drained to the exterior of the door. This is a very important feature, especially if your multi sliding doors are located next to a pool.

  1. Quiet Gliding Ability
    Multi sliding glass doors are built with a self-lubricating composite rod, so they are extremely quiet and glide open and shut very easily.

  1. Impressive Strength
    Due to the unique design of the sliding panel and its bottom rail, multi sliding glass doors are very stable and strong.

If you want to install a door that is strong, silent, water-tight, and beautiful, you can’t go wrong with one of these unique doors. For more information on multi sliding patio doors available from Heritage, call 480-892-2600 now.