Planning Your Window Replacement in Phoenix

The main function of windows is to circulate air, and when placed in the proper position, they will help keep the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Benefits of Tempered Glass Windows

In today’s society, our homes and business structures have been built with our comfort in mind. Countering the effects of extreme desert heat or uncomfortable cold has become a standard.

Why You Need New Security Doors

Doors are an essential item for any house, whether it s a private home or for commercial premises. It is the determining aspect of who is being let in and who needs to be kept out.

Types of Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are energy-efficient, offering an airtight seal against loss of heat or cool air from the interior of the house and preventing entry of the same into the house.

How to Install Window Coverings For French Doors

French doors offer a timeless look that will compliment many design themes. Also known as French windows, French doors evolved from Renaissance style to suit many modern and classic homes.

Playa - A "gogreen" Project

Heritage® Windows is the window and door supplier through our dealer Tashman Hardware and Screens of The Playa House.

Featured in "The Fabricator" Magazine

Tashco Industries (Heritage®) featured in the Fabricator Magazine.