French Doors and Windows in Phoenix

Not all windows and french doors in Phoenix are made equal. When considering buying or remodeling with windows in Phoenix, it’s vital to choose products made with style, energy efficiency, security and performance.  Heritage Windows are made specifically with the needs of Arizonians in mind. Transform your space with top notch windows from Heritage Windows. 

French Doors in Phoenix

The French Renaissance swept the world with new styles of art, music, architecture, even gardening. One of the most popular contributions from this exciting era is the classical French door. Designed with an emphasis on symmetry and light, twin panes of glass embedded in frames created an elegant appeal still sought after today. Not only do the aesthetics of French doors complement a variety of home styles, they also bring the cheerful Arizona sun indoors. Heritage Windows is a leading provider and installer of French doors in Phoenix.

French Doors Phoenix Home Upgrade

Interested in upgrading the doors of your home?  Nothing says luxury as much as beautiful French doors.  After the hot sun fades, open up your French doors, Phoenix, Arizona and enjoy the evening on your patio. However, you want to make sure that you get quality French doors that will last.  Here is what to look for:

5 Reasons to Choose Aluminum Windows in Phoenix Arizona

If you’re installing new windows in Phoenix Arizona, we recommend that you choose aluminum over other material such as wood and uPVC. While your range of choice might be unlimited, considering the several materials currently available in the market, aluminum windows represent the best value. Here are five reasons why:

How Dual Pane Glass Helps Your Home

If you are considering window replacement for your home or business then you should put custom dual pane glass on your short list for the project. Specially designed glass called Cardinal I89 glass, together with a thermal break system saves you money (especially in areas of the country such as Southern California, and Arizona where hot temperatures and light exposure are concerns.) Tashco industries (carrying exclusively Heritage Windows and Doors) sells a dual pane glass product that behaves more like triple pane glass. Heating, cooling, protecting your home from the elements, and saving money on energy bills are the benefits that you will reap from choosing these specially designed windows.

Arizona Windows

Arizona can be a very sunny state and Arizona windows need to be the right placement for your home. Whether you are looking for architectural style, casement, sliders, single hung windows or a combination leave your window needs in the right hands. Upgrading and custom windows are in the expertise of Heritage Windows of Arizona.

Benefits of Having Screen Doors In Phoenix

Do you have screen doors in your home? There are many benefits of having screen doors in the back and front entries of your home. They are more fashionable than ever now, meaning that they will also boost the curb appeal of your home.

Echo-Friendly Windows in Phoenix, AZ

Environmentally conscious home and business owners should install eco-friendly windows. Why should you install eco-friendly windows in Phoenix? Here are some good reasons:

It's Warming Up! Keep Your Home Cool With Energy Efficient Doors and Windows

The winter season is almost over, which means that temperatures are going to begin going up soon. As such, you'll be switching from your heat to your air conditioning in order to keep cool. However, if you have older doors and windows, you may find that your home won't get quite as cool as you would like it to. The Importance of Energy Efficient Windows and Doors in Phoenix It gets pretty warm during the summer months in Phoenix, which means that the last thing you want is for your air conditioner to have trouble cooling down your home. The problem is that older windows and doors tend to have a lot of air leaks. This means that the cool air that your air conditioner is producing is simply escaping out your windows and doors, while the hot air outside is creeping back in. This ends up causing the following problems: Energy costs go up - Because you keep losing cool air out your old windows and doors, your air conditioner has to produce more cold air to replace it. This results in using more energy than what should be needed, resulting in much higher cooling costs. Comfort levels go down - If you can't cool your home to your desired temperature, you're going to end up with a much warmer home than you would like, making you and your family much less comfortable. Our Windows and Doors in Phoenix Our Heritage windows and doors not only look great, but they are incredibly energy efficient as well. In fact, many of our windows and doors are qualified by Energy Star, which means that they meet or surpass the energy efficiency standards of the EPA. Windows - Our windows are manufactured with a combination of computer-controlled cutting and seals to ensure a precise fit and to prevent air leaks. Our windows are also rated one of the lowest U-values around and perform 40 percent better than standard Polyurethane-based fill and cut systems. Our Low-E glass will also help prevent solar heat from penetrating your home. Doors - Like our windows, our doors are also produced using computer-controlled cutting and highly effective seals to keep elements out. We also provide one of the only thermally broken aluminum sliding glass doors approved by Energy Star. For information about upgrading your old windows and doors in Phoenix to more energy efficient models, contact us at Heritage Windows today.

How to Clean Oxidation From Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are a durable and eco-conscious choice for upscale homeowners, but they do require some maintenance to keep them looking at their best.