6 Benefits of Installing Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors come in many designs and have various functional advantages. Installing them in your home or office can prove a smart move. Here are six reasons why you may want to install the doors.

1. Save Space

No hinges are required for sliding glass doors to work. Instead of swinging open, the doors simply glide along a track. This means no extra space is required for them to arc. The doors open by one gliding over the other’s panel.

2. Natural Light

Sliding doors consist of extra-large glass panes running from the top to the bottom of the door panel. The design of the doors allows maximum natural light into the house. When you install the doors, you will enjoy floodlit interiors during the day.

3. Security

One of the important things to consider before investing in sliding glass doors is security. If you want to install the doors at home, look for those with aluminum seals, fixed leaves, and gaskets where the elements meet. Apart from the seal, check the hook-over locking mechanism that prevents the sliding leaf from getting lifted out of its frame.

A majority of sliding glass doors available today have engineered stiles, which make them more stable. The stiles create a bridge between your indoor space and the panoramic outdoors.

4. Safety

In the past, many homeowners were not comfortable installing sliding glass doors due to safety concerns. This is because the doors were not always installed using safety glass. However, things have changed. The sliding doors installed in homes, these days, have shatterproof safety glass.

5. Indoor/Outdoor Beauty

When you install sliding doors, you will love the beauty of the outdoors that will be inside the home. The doors augment the beauty of the home’s interior and exterior spaces. The glass panes allow you to view the garden landscape and panoramic scenes all year round.

6. Energy Efficiency

Sliding glass doors are perfect insulators and can lower your energy costs. The doors keep the house cool in the summer and warm during the winter. They can also be fitted with composite gaskets to provide optimal thermal insulation. When installed, the glass doors keep rain, drafts and dust out of the home. The doors are also effective sound barriers.  

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