Phoenix home windows: what are the different types?

Are you looking for Phoenix home windows? Finding the right type of windows for your home can be challenging. 

Single hung vs. double hung

These are the most common windows in homes today. The major difference between single and double hung windows is how the window sections move. In double hung windows, the upper and lower sash can both be raised. However, in single hung windows, the upper sash remains stationary while the bottom one is moveable.

Bow or bay windows

When you want a window that projects outward to add floor space, you need a bay or bow window. Both of them come out of the exterior wall, creating a small shelf in your house. The larger your window is, the larger your shelf will be. Bow windows are a better fit for Victorian style homes, while bay windows suit modern homes best. A professional can make bay windows from single hung or standard double windows in a row.

Skylight windows

Are you interested in adding some light to the center of a room with limited exterior wall options? You should install a skylight window to your ceiling. Some of them can open to allow for ventilation, but others remain closed to serve the purpose of adding extra light to the home.

Glass block windows

These are accents, which can be added for light flow in the home. Glass block windows mostly have frosting or built-in designs for light and privacy. This makes them ideal for use in basements, bathrooms, and other private spaces. They are also ideal for those who want sturdy windows that do not move but can provide plenty of light.

Garden windows

These mini bay windows are usually meant for plants. They act as tiny greenhouses added to the side of your home for greater accessibility. Garden windows can hold a variety of plants as well as accommodate shelves for more plants. Because plants need sunlight to grow, it is only natural to add garden windows to your home.

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