Is it Time to Upgrade Your Arizona Doors and Windows?

The first impression your home or business makes is an important one. A simple upgrade in your Arizona doors and windows can turn your property from “ho-hum” to stunning.

Are Aluminum Doors and Windows the Choice for You?

There are numerous advantages of upgrading to aluminum doors and windows, other than just the aesthetics.  Here are some benefits of choosing aluminum if you’re considering Arizona doors and windows.

  • Durable:  Aluminum will not crack or swell. It resists temperature changes, corrosion and humidity, which  helps provide for a long life span.  They insulate against condensation, making them weather resistant and a continuous tight fit. They are also at least three times stronger than PVC frames and over four times stronger than wood frames.
  • Low maintenance:  Aluminum doors and windows are very low maintenance and won’t corrode. Because they are powder coated, they don’t require repainting.
  • Affordable:  Compared to other framing options, aluminum frames are less expensive, making them an economical choice for those looking to enhance the look of their property without breaking the bank.
  • Customization:  Aluminum offers flexibility in design, finishes and glasses, so they can be made to meet your exact needs. The aluminum is powder coated and available in a variety of finishes to meet the look and feel you want.
  • Performance:  Aluminum framed windows and doors offer excellent thermal performance when compared to PVC or wood; they also offer great sound insulation
  • Energy Efficient:  Aluminum exceeds industry energy standards by approximately 60%.
  • Green and Recyclable: Aluminum is a sustainable material, and extruded aluminum is the green building industry’s top choice. They are infinitely recyclable.
  • Weight:  Aluminum is light weight, nearly 1/3 less than steel and provide unparalleled strength to weight ratio.

Best Choice for New Aluminum Doors and Windows?

If you’ve decided to upgrade your property with aluminum windows and doors, the top choice in the Phoenix area is Heritage Windows. The company has been in business since 1979 and the company president, Fred Tashman, has been involved in the business and everyday operations since that time. The company is proud to offer extensive designs and unique hardware options for both homes and businesses and is one of the top providers in the U.S. Call Heritage windows for a quote on your new Arizona Windows and doors.