A Dual Pane Glass Upgrade Reduces Home Energy Costs

When outdoor temperatures become unbearable, you escape the heat or cold by taking refuge indoors. Modern heating and air conditioning systems make it easy to manage any outside air that enters your home, but it’s a little more complicated than that. A continuous flow of hot or cold outdoor air in your home forces your climate control system to work harder and your household consumes more energy. Your windows are often a culprit in this dynamic. At Heritage, we understand that proper home insulation begins with your windows. We recommend dual pane glass as an effective solution.

Some traditional windows allow climate controlled air to escape your home while allowing hot or cold air to enter. Dual pane glass units have built-in insulating properties that minimize this transfer of inside/outside air. Upgrading your windows increases your home’s overall insulation capability, minimizes your energy use, and reduces your utility bills.

Built to Insulate

We create your dual pane glass units using a computer-supported manufacturing process. Each dual pane is constructed to provide an insulating barrier that prevents outdoor air from entering your home and climate controlled air from escaping.

  • We manufacture dual panes using two sheets of glass.

  • The panes are assembled with a warm-edge spacer that absorbs moisture and creates a compartment of air between the glass sheets.

  • We seal our dual panes and inject Argon gas into the space to enhance the insulation ability.

  • In many cases, you can reduce your upgrade costs by installing a double pane glass unit into an existing window opening.

A History of Excellence

Since 1982, Heritage has been a leader in dual pane glass manufacturing innovations. Through our use of robotics, computer automation, in-house software, and other technologies, we will continue our tradition of customizing high-quality glass products for your home.