excellence timeline

Heritage® has been striving for excellence in the aluminum window and door manufacturing arena through our numerous product enhancements over the years.  Here is a sampling of some:


First use of up to 11/16” air space in double glazed units in operating windows.

First design of integral secondary bolt locks in windows and doors.

Unique double-jamb mulling of single hung windows.

 Integrated computer-supported manufacturing system. In-house developed software.

In-house development of integrated computer-operated metal cutting hardware and software.

First fully automated Bystronic glass robotics handling and cutting system on the west coast.

First fully automated Lisec double sealed insulated glass-making line on the west coast.

First extruded aluminum beveled internal and external muntins.

First extruded aluminum 6” half circle. This allows for more attractive and authentic looking aluminum arches.

Development of extruded window and sliding glass door screens with proprietary hardware.

Development of a capping method to replace existing windows in the openings without tear down. (US Patent # 5157881)

First fully automated Lisec robotic spacer bending for insulated glass in Arizona. As a result of continuous spacers with bent corners, argon gas filling became possible.

A projected casement window with some unique features that resulted in a C-35 Rating of a 36” x 78” tested unit.

Development of a lock/handle for Sliding Glass Doors. (US Patent # 5511833)

First application of multi point locks in French Doors in Arizona.

Elimination of adapter extrusion in OXXO Sliding Glass Doors.

Development of a multi latching system on a sliding glass door vent and sliding screen. It allows the operation of the vent and screen in tandem or individually. (US Patent # 5740849)

Development of a unique multi slide door design

Introduction of the latest design Italian French Door handles to USA market.

Introduction of Italian GATTI art glass in HERITAGE® doors and GATTI interior architectural doors.

The first use of a 5-Axis CNC Machining Center in the window industry in the USA.
The first CNC Metal Bending in Arizona to achieve elliptical and multi-radius arches.

The first introduction of textured dry powder paint on all products.

Introduction of sculpted external muntin.

The first use of spring loaded ball catches in casement window screens.

The first use of cold welding in a nailing fin corner gap closer.

The design and development of all product lines in thermally broken features, using insulating composite strips.

The first introduction of dry powder painted double colored windows and doors.

The first development of CNC applied insulating composite strips in a thermally broken system in the western United States.

First use of a composite rod under the sliding glass door rollers, resulting in a very smooth and quiet operation.

The first application of software driven automated storage and retrieval system of aluminum and composite extrusions in the US window industry.

Outstanding testing results of HERITAGE® thermally broken products: lowest U value in aluminum windows and doors.

Major entry into Mexican market.

Automated protective taping of finished extrusion surfaces.

Dry glazing of all fixed and casement windows like in curtain walls.

Award of Energy Star on certain thermally broken and non-thermally broken products.

Award of Energy Star label on an aluminum sliding glass door; the 5th manufacturer in the United States to receive this.
Use of Cardinal 366 Low-E glass.

Oversized casement windows made possible by the development of a special glass centering adjustment mechanism.

NFRC 2008 Founders Award

USGBC membership as a product manufacturer

Launched new Folding Door Series

Launched new flush mount handle with multi-point locking system

Launched the Heritage® Slide and Stack Doors

Move to warm edge spacer

Use of Cardinal I81 glass

New generation flush mount handle for folding doors and multi-sliding doors

Launch of thermally broken Multi-Slide door panels

Redesign of patented Heritage Surface Mount Handle

Launch of Heritage low profile and T Tracks for multi-sliding doors

New Heritage flat muntin

Launch of the Heritage Thermally Broken Multi-Slide door frame

Use of Cardinal I89 glass from the first generation I81 glass, which offers more energy efficiency and less reflectivity

Improved stainless steel mammoth Sliding Glass rollers (uses the least amount of force to push/pull in the industry)

Stainless Steel Edge Pull for pocket doors

2nd 5 axis machining center