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Our Vision

Heritage is a Phoenix windows manufacturer that has always strived to provide the best value for the money spent in the windows and doors we make. We pride ourselves on the high quality and performance of our products. These attributes have been made possible through the use of computer automation in our plant and the strong belief in continuous improvement of our people and products.

At Heritage, our greatest strength is the integration of our product line. Since our Arizona door and window systems are designed and manufactured locally, at our state of the art plant, in Gilbert, Arizona, we allow the customer the greatest amount of freedom in the design process. Due to our automated manufacturing capability with a strong engineering base, Heritage makes it affordable to create the custom, high quality design that you have been dreaming of for your project.

Our Commitment

Heritage has always been committed to being green through our environmentally conscious and efficient designs. We have been working to make more and more energy efficient windows and have been on the cutting edge of the industry in the past 30 years. In the 1980’s we were one of the first Arizona door and window companies to start using low-E glass. In the 1990’s with our continuous spacers we were able to use argon gas in our double glazed units. In 2001 we developed our thermally broken line of windows and doors. Today, in 2009 we offer quite a few energy star products, are a member of the USGBC (LEED), and use between 30 and 40% recycled aluminum in our frames. We are continually looking for new ways to make your Arizona door or window, as well as our own work environments, more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.